Our B & B is located in a beautiful detached house from 1908, is surrounded by ditches and is located in the hamlet of Nauerna, consisting of 70 houses and 30 houseboats. The B & B is situated at the bottom of the dike and has an unobstructed view all around, in summer the cows are on the other side of the ditch. A spacious garden with an underlying piece of pasture complete your overnight stay in the polder.

Escape the hustle and bustle of the city and unwind in the green of the countryside just 15 (car) minutes from the center of Amsterdam

Nauerna existed as a hamlet as early as the sixteenth century, with the Westend being considered the oldest part. The Bloksloot already existed in 1595, with a lock lock and the Reef came out via a drainage lock. During the heyday, the area of ​​Nauerna owned 7 mills, known by name. The Schermer polder was dewatered in 1630. The Twisch is thereby deepened and straightened and this is how the Nauernasche Vaart is created. The dyke was raised in the 17th century and a sluice gate and a lock were constructed. The neighborhood of Nauerna arises around the lock and De Paauw oil mill, including a tavern for the skippers.